Miss Mash is known for her scrapbook-style collage aesthetic, and her wide-ranging influences include the patterns and textures, landmarks and monuments, street art and culture of the urban environment. Her spectacular mixed media originals are a glorious ‘mash up’ of ideas, subjects and locations.

Miss Mash brings together a range of photographic elements with hand-created textures and marks and unites them digitally to create her vivid imagined worlds. Once this initial process is complete, she moves on to the ‘making’ stage which comprises screen printing, stencilling and hand finishing.

The innovative use of collaged elements reflects the complex and fragmented world in which Miss Mash’s art is rooted, but this is balanced by her close attention to compositional harmony and a respect for beauty.

Starting her career as an urban photographer, Miss Mash expanded her practice to create glossy collage works on aluminium, using a host of witty iconic images, landmarks, designer brands and graffiti in a pop art colour palette. The inclusion of raised elements to give a 3d effect brings a different perspective and reflects the sense of depth of mind she references.

Each piece is suffused with vibrant colour, and its intricate detail and arresting imagery is overlaid with a subtle touch of humour. The retro vibe created by the vintage style and pop art feel engages and uplifts the viewer with a nostalgic sense of familiarity and warmth.