Mr. Brainwash - Queen Marilyn image
Mr. Brainwash - Queen Marilyn

On August 4th 1962, the world said goodbye to Marilyn Monroe, the most famous face of the century, adored by movie goers, loved by presidents, and now, revered by artists. The legend of Marilyn has lived on through her movies, but she has also been immortalised through the genre of pop art, where her beguiling beauty has appeared in every imaginable style, colour and size. September also sees the release of a major film starring Ana de Armas as the eponymous ‘Blonde’ which shows yet another side of this beautiful, intriguing and vulnerable woman and reminds us of just how important a cultural touchstone she has become.  To commemorate Marilyn’s short life and timeless influence, Mr. Brainwash has created a pair of dazzling Warhol-style silkscreen images which will delight his collectors. 

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